Name Euro €
Ceramic crowns and bridges – per unite € 80-95
Teeth whitening € 180-250
Removable prothesis/dentures (various types) € 300-450
Attachement € 200
Nonmetalic crowns € 180-250
Superstructure of damage tooth or single tooth canal made by special alloy € 60
Tooth fillings € 20-40
Plaque removal and teeth polishing € 50
Root canal treatmant RCT € 40
Tooth exctraction (simple and surgical) € 25-100
Implant of titanium (Straumann) € 850
Special design crowns for implants (Straumann) per unite € 180
Porcelain veneers € 160-250
Modify flap gingival operation with and without implantation of artificial bone – per tooth € 40-90
Free gingival graft operation € 120
Orthodontic teeth regulation at children and adults € 800-1000
Panoramic x – ray € 10
Consultation free
Transportation from airport to hotel and dental clinic free

*Prices in euro currency are fix and they can’t be changed. Warranty for all medical procedures is 4 years and it covers everything except transportation to Belgrade and hotel accommodation. Lenght of your stay in Belgrade is between 1-7 days and it depends on specific dental treatment that you take.

O nama – About us

Osnivač ordinacije je bio Dr prim. spec. Božidar Kuljača. Danas njegov sin i naslednik Dr Milan Kuljača uspešno vodi dve stomatoloske ordinacije. Dr Milan Kuljača se spicijalizovao iz oblasti zubne protetike na VMA.

Dr. Kuljaca, has 30 years of experience and fluently speaks three world languages: English, German, and French. During the past few years Dr. Kuljaca has had many patients coming from west Europe and USA, mostly from Great Britain, Germany, France, Greece.

Naši radovi – Our works